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Installment One (Chapters 1-6)

✿ Ch 1 What’s next in the evolution of the soul?

✿ Ch 2 Is anyone being “bad”?

✿ Ch 3 Why bless everyone?

✿ Ch 4 What do you teach by example?

✿ Ch 5 Do you feel free to create?

✿ Ch 6 How do you nourish souls?

Installment Two (Chapters 7-15)

✿ Ch 7 Are you loving everyone equally?

✿ Ch 8 Are you doing what feels right in this moment?

✿ Ch 9 Do you see everyone as an expression of Love?

✿ Ch 10 How do we combat Ideology?

✿ Ch 11 Are you willing to quit living in lies?

✿ Ch 12 Is your light and warmth available to all?

✿ Ch 13 Do you observe and bless all?

✿ Ch 14 What about sex?

✿ Ch 15 Are you sharing what you have?

Installment Three (Chapters 16-24)

✿ Ch 16 Are you spreading the Love of God 24/7?

✿ Ch 17 Do you walk the talk as a role model? 

✿ Ch 18 Are you choosing love over fear as the ultimate creative act?

✿ Ch 19 Have you quit blaming others and yourself?

✿ Ch 20 Are you lit up alert for sisters and brothers sent your way?

✿ Ch 21 Do you model a way out of suffering?

✿ Ch 22 Are you ready to be a spiritual warrior?

✿ Ch 23 Are you an activist spreading the truth wherever you go?

✿ Ch 24 What about money?

Installment Four (Chapters 25-29)

✿ Ch 25 Are you willing to be transformed inside-out?

✿ Ch 26 Do you listen for specific instructions in the moment?

✿ Ch 27 Do you model how to fully feel and process painful moments?

✿ Ch 28 Are you sharing how to look deeply and understand others?

✿ Ch 29 Will you start over and allow your light to pour out on all? 

Installment Five (Chapters 30-35)

✿ Ch 30 Are you witnessing world events clear-eyed, in neutrality, and truth?

✿ Ch 31 Are you being kind to the earth and to all life in every form?

✿ Ch 32 Do you still think you’re imagining everything?

✿ Ch 33 Are you modeling responsibility without blame?

✿ Ch 34 Is your only purpose being and doing in the ways of Mary and Jesus?

✿ Ch 35 Are you weaving a spider web of truth? 

Installment Six (Chapters 36-41)

✿ Ch 36 Do you see, value, and share content (meaning) over form?

✿ Ch 37 Do you accept life’s messiness without worrying about it?

✿ Ch 38 What if someone firmly believes there is nothing beyond perception?

✿ Ch 39 Are you being a good listener?

✿ Ch 40 Do you find yourself in competition of any kind?

✿ Ch 41 Are you open to easier ways to strengthen and grow your soul?

Installment Seven (Chapters 42-49)

✿ Ch 42 Are you a passive spiritual activist who blesses indiscriminately?

✿ Ch 43 Are you living boldly and with conviction?

✿ Ch 44 Do you care for your needs and share some of what’s left?

✿ Ch 45 Are you completing the world with your compassion and understanding?

✿ Ch 46 Do you live free from the past and new in each moment?

✿ Ch 47 How will you share your inheritance of love today?

✿ Ch 48 Will you put the books down and express in your own unique way?

✿ Ch 49 Are you ready to build a society based on love and free from control?

Installment Eight (Chapters 50-55)

✿ Ch 50 Do you notice and show gratitude for the smallest details of life?

✿ Ch 51 Will you rise to the urgency of these times?

✿ Ch 52 Are you conscious of the ‘either-or’ choice now facing you?

✿ Ch 53 Do you reflect freedom from identity and attachment?

✿ Ch 54 Are you in lock-step with your soul?

✿ Ch 55 Are you ready to share without getting paid?

Installment Nine (Chapters 56-62)

✿ Ch 56  What happens when you “die”?

✿ Ch 57  Are you aware of how much help you receive from beyond the veil?

✿ Ch 58  Do you trust your feelings when interacting with someone?

✿ Ch 59  Do you dare begin fresh in each moment unconcerned with the past?

✿ Ch 60  Are you listening and ready to be guided at a moment’s notice? 

✿ Ch 61  Are you living free from judgement, anger, and regret?

✿ Ch 62  Are you willing to serve as a portal?

Installment Ten (Chapters 63-71)

✿ Ch 63  Do your actions reflect the sanctity of all life forms?

✿ Ch 64  Are you complacent, lost in the world, or no longer care?

✿ Ch 65  Do you still believe money provides security in a changing world?

✿ Ch 66  Can you always see the good in everyone and every situation?

✿ Ch 67  Do you give to others knowing you give to yourself?

✿ Ch 68  Are you sustaining Christ Consciousness?

✿ Ch 69  Can you respond to lack of love with loving acceptance and blessing?

✿ Ch 70  Are you ready to be part of the solution?

✿ Ch 71  How do you nourish your soul?

Installment Eleven (Chapters 72-79)

✿ Ch 72 How does the body reflect your soul’s presence?

✿ Ch 73 Are you ready to plan on the unexpected and even relocate?

✿ Ch 74 Do you celebrate every single thing that brought you here now?

✿ Ch 75 Can you acknowledge your ego’s purpose rather than bashing it?

✿ Ch 76 Do you see that the Holy Spirit, the true self, the soul are the same?

✿ Ch 77 Have you quit worrying about every unforeseen potential?

✿ Ch 78 Do you bless all you encounter all of the time?

✿ Ch 79 Are you loosening your attachment to being right?

Installment Twelve (Chapters 80-89)

✿ Ch 80  Is the butterfly’s cocoon evil? Does it exist?

✿ Ch 81  Do you feel free to ask for more than just bread?

✿ Ch 82  Are you prepared to face pushback and/or feel unwelcome?

✿ Ch 83  Can you feel the truth of love is magic and all magic is love?

✿ Ch 84  Are you ready to reach out, listen, share, and bless?

✿ Ch 85  Are you willing to be a friend in truth unlike any other?

✿ Ch 86  Do you support each other, sharing difficulties and breakthroughs?

✿ Ch 87  Are you willing to share familiar resources and some new ones?

✿ Ch 88  Are you aware that your blessings are miracles?

✿ Ch 89 Are you being patient with yourself?