Are you witnessing world events clear-eyed, in neutrality, and truth?

Chapter 30

Photo credit Mason Trinca, NY Times
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3.8.2020 5:07am Sunday

1. There will be a great turn of events here, like the world has not seen in quite some time. There have been plenty of turbulent periods on the world stage throughout history but the next ones will rock the world’s foundations, causing them to be destroyed beyond repair.

2. The economic and social structures that have given some assemblance of order will crumble. Authoritarianism and fear of the “evil other” will be stronger than ever. Many will latch onto these things to try to make sense of what will transpire.

3. This great collapse must happen for a new earth with a new foundation to take the place of the one that was not based in truth and was illusionary.

4. Don’t hide your heads in the sand and pretend that you aren’t seeing what you are seeing. Witness the decay, deterioration and destruction but stay strong in the truth. Know that you will be safe as you minister to those in distress, those who struggle in their day to day lives.

5. The world was never based in truth. But most people had a basic understanding of right and wrong, what was true and what was false. Shame kept people in line.

6. Today there is no shame and facts are distorted for political gain. This will get worse before it gets better.

7. It is important that you see the importance of what is happening and will happen. The earth must be reclaimed. We cannot fix all of the broken systems. A political bandage cannot fix what has been broken.

8. This is a moral crisis that has been brewing for quite some time, right under everyone’s noses. People simply do not know who they are in truth. This is the painful reality of the separation between the physical and the spiritual. A separation that can be argued is true here in the 3D world.

9. Hold onto your hats, everyone. Teach the truth about God and about identity. Be that truth. God is really the only thing here.

End Time: 5:51am 3.8.2020