Is your goal always to bring love to the surface of your character?

Chapter 158

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7:12:2020 8:11pm Sunday

1. Bodies are assigned personalities, which are believe it or not, actually influenced by astrology and astrological traits. This keeps the plays quite interesting. Some characters meld together very nicely and others have a much harder time getting along.

2. A personality is of course not the only factor in a play. There are timeline events, social themes, as well as religious and socio-economic factors.

3. The concept of God is such a massive topic. It truly cannot be completely understood by the human mind. For our purposes however, I can tell you that a soul is part of or an aspect of God, but not the totality of God. I am an aspect of God but not the totality of God as well. My soul is more developed than yours, which is why I have the position that I have, which is to help developing souls to grow. Actually, this was my old job. My new job is to help developed, mature souls to help develop other souls. You are on my executive team now. Good job!

4. Who is it that I am speaking to? You, the mature soul, not the character. Now, let’s talk some more about souls. It’s not like there is a checklist that every soul has to accomplish across lifetimes. Each one is so unique. As a summary, a soul likes to be challenged. Its goal is always to bring love to the surface of the character and have it affect the character’s thoughts, attitudes, actions, and their resulting effects on other characters. This is a tremendous accomplishment.

5. There are lifetimes, however, when influencing a particular character to love more and fear less, is difficult if not highly improbable. Souls find these lifetimes to be the most challenging. They learn from these experiences too, however. No life is ever wasted.

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