Do you notice and show gratitude for the smallest details of life?

Chapter 50

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3.22.2020 2:03pm Sunday

1. Show gratitude for the smallest details. They are for you to enjoy, magnify by gratitude, and extend. Be thankful for the leaf that brought you your tea and the sugar that makes chocolate so delectable. Be thankful for that money in your wallet that has always helped you obtain whatever your heart desired. Be thankful for all of the hard work and sweat that built the building you live in. Be thankful for all of the hard work by so many people that went into your favorite songs, movies and plays. Be thankful for the belt that holds up your pants and the factories that produce nail polish and make-up. Be thankful for the hair stylist who knows how to color and style your hair perfectly. Be thankful for the person who bags your groceries and puts air in your tires. Be thankful for the bank teller, who you were just too busy to look straight in the eye and smile at. Be thankful for those who work for pennies on the dollar overseas so you can wear the latest styles, inexpensively, and for those who risk their lives to be in a foreign land for plentiful jobs but don’t have the proper documentation for the authorities.

2. All of this is for you, for each of you. It’s all part of the grand plan, filled with lessons for each individual soul’s development. It’s the perfect dance of life, however imperfect it may seem at times. Sure, it’s complicated but it’s all designed to bring each soul safely home, to the place where you now stand. It all is starting to pay off in the grandest way possible.

3. Love notices the trillions of details that life provides everyone. Take notice and model this for others. Model awareness and not taking things for granted. Take nothing for granted. It can all disappear as quickly as it appeared

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