What happens when you “die”?

Chapter 56

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3.24.2020 5:22pm Tuesday

1. The ghosts of the past are all around you. Memories of those who have left this world consume every waking hour for some of you. You may have photos or mementos of those you knew personally and those you admired from afar. What happens when you “die”? This word is in quotation marks because you never really die. The body and character you have been playing both die but you do not. You become invisible and cannot be heard from, through normal channels.

2. Death and the fear of it is one of the toughest things for humans to process. Some people never really recover from deaths of loved ones. They carry this grief with them for the rest of their current lifetime. They wonder if things could have been different; if the disease could have been healed if caught earlier, if the tragedy could have had a different outcome.

3. I will say to you that “death” is nothing more than walking backstage from being in the spotlight at the front of the stage. The “newly departed” move from being a star to being a behind the scenes star, making everything the audience sees run smoothly and efficiently. For every person on the world stage at any given time, there are legions of unseen, behind the scenes players.

4. Memories are not only intact but are actually enhanced because souls have access to all of their “films” or “plays” – their lifetimes. They see clearly for the first time in a long time, and can see how the egos they were assigned, helped, or hurt other developing souls. They frequently make plans for their next starring role and yes, others are cast in the same movie or play.

5. All of this strengthens souls and allows them the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds, or not. Sometimes, the movie is a horror show and a character really isn’t given the opportunity to flourish, for one reason or another. Fortunately, every soul is given every opportunity to be the hero and to shine through the exterior façade.

End Time: 5:52pm 3.24.2020