Are you loving everyone equally?

Chapter 7

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2.14.20 20:53am Friday

1. Perilous times call for drastic action. We can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. The earth experiment could fail if love does not permeate its fibers. This is a call to action. There is nothing you can’t do. You have the power of God at each of your disposals. Use your light energy freely, anywhere and everywhere. It always knows what to do. Bless those who are sick and those who are well. Don’t judge appearances but know that everyone here needs your blessing. They need your extension of God’s love for healing. That leads to perfect joy, perfect health, and abundance of all things that are truly needed and helpful in this life.

2. You may work at a job but the job itself is not really the reason why you are there. The saints have been strategically placed to hold this precious energy and to share it. This is always the true reason for you being anywhere physically. Your body is a vehicle for your spirit. It takes your true self where it is needed.

3. Love accepts all. Fear is suspicious of all. Your job is to bring all into the embrace of love. Love trumps hate. Loves cares not about appearances or ideology. Those are egoic principles. Love is expansive and inclusive of anyone and everyone. The same cannot be said about fear.

4. Recognize that fear is all around you and your job is to simply shine light on it. There are enough of you now to do this. And with each passing day, your numbers will get stronger. It is a love tsunami.

5. Love everyone who comes into your path. Love everyone equally. Share your light for the whole world to see. You are each one a sun of God, a son or daughter of the great light.

6. We will talk about specifics in future installments of this text. But for now, our purpose is to sound the alarm and re-awaken those of you who have fallen back asleep. Who have grown too weary, and perhaps simply stopped caring about the “illusion”. The earth is precious and is worth saving. We all want to have places we can come to, to create magical wonders. Now is your time to flourish and to show others the ways of the truth, for they are many.

7. Be strong in your convictions. There is and will be great opposition to the principles that we stand for. This is time for the harvest but there is a deep frost. Even factual truth is under attack. Hold onto your hats. There is a storm coming.

End Time: 3:41am 2.14.2020