Is the butterfly’s cocoon evil? Does it exist?

Chapter 80

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4.2.2020 2:42pm Thursday

1. What do you do if you see in the media that there has been a mass shooting at a workplace, at a school or at a public event? What do you do if you find out about a murder or a double murder or a murder-suicide or any event in which one of your brothers has harmed another because of a grievance or for no reason at all? Do you say, “Oh, that didn’t really happen. My mind made it up. I was projecting guilt again. These people are innocent. It says so in A Course in Miracles?”

2. Try explaining this to the friends and family members and see what happens. My kindred souls, let me explain this in simpler terms. Sometimes language can be really divisive.

3. There is innocence in every man, woman, and child. This is absolutely true. The soul is 100% innocent and that is precisely what every man, woman and child really is, beneath the level of thought.

4. This does not mean however, that every man, woman, and child is acting from a place of innocence, a place from soul. They are in fact not operating at the soul level, and may not be for quite some time. They are operating with the system they were born with, ego. Ego is anything but innocent.

5. Egos do in fact harm other egos both psychologically and physically. If we send you to comfort someone who has directly or indirectly been affected by violence, do not deny the truth of the surface situation. It is true on the surface. There is a deeper truth, a soul level truth, that A Course in Miracles tried to impart. A tragedy is not the time or place for this. 

6. If you are judged as being an out of touch “psycho” then so are we. Healing may not come to that soul in this lifetime. Please stop seeing “ego” and “soul” as separate. They can be in friction or they can be in harmony. In truth, they are in this together. What happens to one happens to the other. My teachings were not intended to mean that one was evil and one was good. Is the butterfly’s cocoon evil? Does it exist? Of course it does!

End Time: 3:18pm 4.2.2020