Are you willing to allow spirit to break through and shine?

Chapter 90

Photo credit Matt Pepper
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4.6.2020 10:17am Monday

1. We have an organizational plan now that is loose enough to allow for creativity but structured enough to allow everyone to see where we are headed and how we will get there. This is the Wild West that we are trying to operate in. We will succeed and will then have a blueprint for how to intervene in other failed or failing 3D projects.

2. You see, there have been many worlds that just collapsed due to the amount of fear and lack of love. There are worlds that have difficulties far worse than yours. Many unsuccessful souls leave your world and are quickly assigned to a more harsh one. Harsh energy needs harsh energy. Eventually, the soul will stand up to be counted and will claim the beaten down flesh and ego. Some egos are so incredibly strong, that it takes a tremendous opposition to crack it and allow spirit to break through and shine. We give up on no one.

3. Souls have been allowed to reincarnate here repeatedly. Some soften over lifetimes and others make negligible progress. Everyone promises to marry their soul with their body, but few have been ultimately successful. The gates to the earth are closing to everyone who does not have at least a 4D level of understanding and advancement. You can think of 4D as a beginning “friend” or one who is being mentored.

4. The 5D grade are all of you; saints among men. When you leave here, you will most likely be at the 6D level and will not return to any 3D world unless you volunteer for a special assignment.

5. Everyone is accounted for. We lose no one. The universe is actually highly organized and benevolent. Everyone is given what they need when they need it.

End Time: 10:48am 4.6.2020