Can you see that your journey is only just beginning?

Chapter 130

Photo credit Mike Jeffries

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7:1:2020 8:07pm Wednesday

1. You may have heard about something called the Hero’s Journey. It’s where many of you are at this juncture. You lost yourself to find yourself. What a sweet journey it’s been too. There’s been drama, excitement, ho-hum days, and maybe a little danger sprinkled in. You’ve played your assigned roles and played some you assigned to yourself.

2. Now what? Is your journey finished? I’m telling you now that it is only just beginning. The Hero’s Journey will continue in a spectacularly magical way. Your new role is to light the way for those who have gotten lost in this oftentimes frightening adventure. Love will serve as your flashlight.

3. There isn’t a medal or trophy at the end of the Hero’s Journey. There is however, the pleasure of knowing that you are serving the Creator of All Things in the highest and most noble manner possible.

4. With Gratitude.

End Time: 8:29pm 7:1:2020