How does the body reflect your soul’s presence?

Chapter 72

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3.30.2020 3:03pm Monday

1. The physical body will transform when it is being informed by a mature soul. Most bodies are informed by the egoic operating system and reflect fear based thoughts. Have you ever really looked at the average person? You can see why they look the way that they do. It’s written all over them. You can see tension, anxiety, depression, and anger in the ways people look and present themselves; with clothing, jewelry, piercings, and tattoos. These things in and of themselves don’t necessarily mean anything. But they are used to present an image, a way of sending the world a message about identity.

2. You are probably not concerned with image or how people perceive you because once spirit takes charge, “you” are all about presence. You can adorn the body as you wish or be a nudist, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. The body is now a temple for the light within.

3. How will the body reflect the new tenant? It will become sick rarely. It will better be able to communicate what it wants to eat and when it needs fresh air and a walk or a bike ride. It will be accepted as it is, warts and all. A soul will love the body’s grey hair and an older man’s protruding mid-section and will therefore probably not be bothered by them.

4. Maybe a soul’s body looks like a “gym body” but it probably won’t. And a mature soul will not seek to torture itself with excessive exercise and dietary supplements, in order to achieve some egoic ideal body type.

5. We love our wrinkles and the size of our lips and will not be spending money to look younger. We are fine just the way we are. Acceptance is the fruit of spirit. When the soul takes charge, the light will permeate every pore and everyone will know who you are in truth.

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