What’s next in the evolution of the soul?

Chapter 1

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2.7.2020 10:22pm Friday

1. This is a continuation of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love each one approximately twenty years apart. The purpose of this book is to dispel myths and misunderstanding, as well as to break new ground. This scribe has misunderstood his purpose as have many of you. This is a testament to will power and perseverance in the pursuit of the Christed life and all things on the spiritual path.

2. Let us begin.

3. I am the one you have known as Jesus Christ. I am the author of the previously mentioned books, as well as this manuscript for a forthcoming epic. This scribe was selected for this project before he came to earth and awakened. It is time that he knows the truth about himself and that the readers enjoy the fruits of this shared venture.

4. We in the spiritual realm have longed to see humanity develop past fear, animosity, and hatred. Our efforts have not gone un-noticed. There is a great wave of resistance to the Great Awakening. This has made the job harder than it already was.

5. Much has been said of the existence of evil. While it is certainly true that evil does not exist on any level, it certainly seems to exist here. We will explore this concept of negative energy and how it manifests. It has been a great stumbling block to so many of you.

6. How can God be so vicious to God? What role does the soul play throughout a person’s life? Is the world even real at all? Why have we awakened so many of your mind-body vehicles and for what purpose? What’s next in the evolution of the soul?

7. Let’s start there because that is the most fundamental question. Souls are actually in constant development. They start out in perfect seed form but that’s it. They are referred to as microdroplets of God energy or source energy. Can a person with only an egoic operating system and a micro-droplet of God energy not be in control of the messes he makes? It’s a sure fire bet that disaster will follow. Multiply by billions of souls who are here at any given time and you get the picture. Their selfishness and desire to look out for number one has led us to our current predicament. And yet hope springs eternal because those truly committed souls who have embarked on this path have changed things here. Their souls have grown leaps and bounds, from micro-droplets to full bodied energy sources themselves. They feed those around them by their mere presence. What will happen next is not for the faint hearted. The plan is coming into full fruition.

8. We started in A Course in Miracles with introducing basic concepts about human psychology. It was an attempt to crack the shell and broaden horizons. Re-connect the human experiences to the bigger picture and grow souls at the same time.

9. This book started a revolution in human development but it was so misunderstood by so many. There are many books to help readers understand it. But how do you know if they themselves are really “in the know” or are merely attempting to push a particular point of view?

10. The newest version of A Course in Miracles is at its purest and most unadulterated form. It needs no further clarification. Nor does it attempt to lead readers astray. Certain souls need information to be presented in that manner, especially those with a Judeo Christian background.

11. The second book in this seminal trilogy is called A Course of Love. It angered those who thought they had the whole thing figured out. It moved from being mind-based to heart-based. It’s a modern day New Testament. A freedom from the regimen and some say tyranny of doing lessons every day for years and decades. A practice that only served to dilute the basic messages of the first volume.

12. So here we are in 2020, fifty four years after we started and there are still so many questions about what to do with this revealed knowledge. This is where this book hopes to take its readers – on a journey into uncharted territory.

13. This is A Continuation of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love: A Journey into the Unknown.

End Time: 11:19pm 2.7.2020