Are you a passive spiritual activist who blesses indiscriminately?

Chapter 42

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3.18.2020 1:58pm Wednesday

1. There are two paths to take in the world – the physical and the spiritual. The latter is not really available until the first one has been exhausted. Until someone is ready and willing to say “I’ve had enough and I want out.” These people have literally done it all, especially when you look at all of their human lifetimes, and they finally see the futility of it. Things here can be very alluring and yet they always prove to be ultimately unfulfilling.

2. This process usually takes a long time for a soul, as with collective groups of souls. What we have accomplished with each of you is speeding up this process. We now have a core group completely immersed in the new way. Lots of time, effort and commitment went into this project – individually and collectively – and not without a few tears along the way.

3. In A Course of Love, I said that my time as Christ had passed. Now the world is much bigger, more populated, and much more complicated. We need lots of Christs, in every shape, size and from every background.

4. You can think of me as the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of all of the earth’s saints or Christs. The angels are at your beck and call, as are all of the ascended masters – former Christs – on this side of the veil.

5. You are each one, individually and collectively, interrupters. Bless indiscriminately. Ask for the miracle of understanding and acceptance. We are the spiritual version of the Red Cross. Announce your presence to the world. Frequently wear a heart pin, or t-shirt. Let this be your graduation gift to yourself. Let this be a conversation starter for new initiates who will one day join you and one day take your place.

6. This is passive spiritual activism.

End Time: 2:26pm 3.18.2020