Can you replace “deserve justice” with “call for love”?

Chapter 101

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6.7.2020 7:32am Sunday

1. Since we last spoke, your world has set itself on fire. The flames cannot be truly put out. They will only spread. Justice and equality under the law are concepts that the ego may idealize but never knows how to implement. What’s really behind the rhetoric? Those pesky shadow figures, that’s who. Imaginary friends we seek justice for and imaginary enemies we never forgave. Your ideas of who these people were are enhanced by layers of ideas, both good and bad. You cannot see your sister or brother who stands before you because shadows blind you to the truth of their being.

2. Everyone is a version of you. The protestors and the police are actually all on the same team. The vandals and the store owners are on the same team. The separate bodies and separate “lives” are merely cosmetic. There is no “we” and “you”. There is only us. We are the collective of God.

3. Take yourself out of conflict. There is no conflict. Your brother is an aspect of God. Help him and do no harm. Don’t add to his pain and teach him how to release the pain he carries.

4. Your society needs large scale forgiveness workshops. Let the past go and experience the freedom that this present moment offers.

5. Why would you put yourself in jail and give yourself fines that you cannot afford to pay? If you look at your brother and see yourself in the mirror looking back, you wouldn’t do these things and wouldn’t have large institutions to do them for you.

6. Remember the basics I have taught you. What is not love is fear and fear is a call for love. What loving solutions can your society create to answer the many calls for love that you see and hear?

7. Please take the words “deserve justice” out of your collective vocabulary. Replace them with “call for love”. He is not asking for punishment with his behavior. He is calling for love. She does not deserve justice by the man who hurt her being punished because she now knows that his behavior was a call for love and must be forgiven. Underneath the facades, there is no separate “him” and “her”  There is only us, the collective I AM energy of God. Peace to you all during these turbulent times.

End Time: 8:21am 6.7.2020