Are you willing to receive transformation inside out?

Chapter 25

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3.3.2020 2:51am Tuesday

1. The formless world is the reality or real world that we often speak of. It is and always has been in alignment to truth. The human aspect of the earth experience never has been. This is what we seek to change.

2. Humans have the gift of free will. We do not seek to inflict change upon them externally. They have to be willing to allow the gift of transformation from the inside out. They have to reach a tipping point where they are willing to admit to themselves that they are done with selfishness, and are willing to explore a new possibility.

3. Most humans are very social. They look to each other to find out what to do and how to do it. They teach each other good and bad.

4. One of the first lessons someone needs to learn is that they are a part of God. God is here and always has been. God is not “out there” but “in here”. God looks like you and your neighbor because God is you and God is your neighbor.

5. The religiously oriented may have the most trouble with this but that’s what A Course in Miracles does. It introduces new thinking. It is step one. Some people, many people, need to start there.

6. Those who do not have the baggage of heavy religious dogma can skip A Course in Miracles and go right into A Course of Love. They may visit A Course in Miracles later on, out of curiosity.

7. As you can see, the process will be the same for new initiates as it was for you. Adaptations will need to be made for those who do not have a warm relationship with reading. Audio books, videos, and word of mouth are good alternatives. It’s not the form that matters. It is the content, as with everything else.

End Time: 3:29am 3.3.2020