Are you open to revolutionary change?

Chapter 112

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6:14:2020 3:57pm Sunday

1. In the beginning the word became flesh, and only now is the flesh reflecting the word in small incremental steps. That’s how long creation takes and how patient the creator of all of everything really is. This is the time when we start to see the fruits of our labor. This is when humans start to awaken to the fact that there is much more here than meets the eye.

2. Suffering was originally designed to steer wayward souls back onto the great highway of love. But it became so cavernous and so generational that it became cancerous and not merely correctional. Suffering was meant to be a gentle tap on the shoulder, and instead became a way of life. Humans actually became so accustomed to it that they increased their tolerance for it. Some have an immeasurable capacity for suffering. They think that this is how life is supposed to be and they pass this mistaken belief on to their children.

3. This is why transformation has taken this long. There is a great comfort in “the devil you know”. Why open up to revolutionary change if you are comfortable?

4. The events that are about to happen now are designed to cause ordinary, everyday men and women of all walks of life to question this stance.

5. The question many will start to ask is: who and what are we, and what does “we” really mean?

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