Are you ready to live here as a spirit being infusing the earth with love?

Chapter 138

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7:5:2020 8:33pm Sunday

1. Even the angels have been afraid to tread here. They have had to understand humans over time. The conditions here are so unlike where they come from.

2. You are each angel-like. You are spirit beings who know very well what it’s like here. You’ve experienced it first-hand. This is why you are in the position you are in. You are being asked to live here as spirit beings. This is the only way that the earth can be infused with the large amounts of love that it requires to counter the density of fear that exists here.

3. There is no spirit being that has a magic potion to make the earth into a paradise. It will require the work of each one of you joined with legions of spirit beings to pull this off.

4. The idea that I would or even could descend from the sky and solve everyone’s problems is ludicrous. We all have to solve them together. Not you by yourself or me by myself. All of us together. The awakened in union with me, will work together to awaken sleeping souls, one soul at a time.

End Time: 8:51pm 7:5:2020