Who knows where love will take us?

Chapter 190

Artist unknown

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8:12:2020 7:26am Wednesday

1. The gates are opening. The gates of wisdom and knowledge are no more. There are no more restrictions. Everything is out in the open for all to see. The mystery is no more. The riddle has been solved.

2. No one has to look far for life’s mysteries, because they are within each of you. You are each the resurrection and the life. You can introduce what used to be esoteric and almost forbidden knowledge to anyone who asks.

3. You are this knowledge. The truth has come to claim the earth as its own. Your life will never be the same, and in many ways, it is just beginning.

4. Let us continue our individual and collective journeys into the unknown, where love and freedom reign supreme. Who knows where love will take us?

End Time: 7:45am 8:12:2020

As First Received by: (signed) Richard Curtis Greathouse 2/7/2020 – 8/12/2020

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