Will you be a shining beacon in the fog as we move on to a journey into the unknown?

Chapter 180

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7:20:2020 10:44am Monday

1. I cannot build a skyscraper by myself. I need armies of workers and a high level of coordination. I need top notch architects, materials, and quality control. Each of you is like a skyscraper. So much has gone into this project, from the initial planning stages to the steady layers of construction.

2. The skyscraper that you are can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados. You know who you are and what you are. You know who you aren’t and what you aren’t. You know who you represent.

3. You are a shining beacon in the fog, a testament to the power of love. You are ready to move forward with me and all of your brothers and sisters, on to a journey into the unknown.

4. It is with great gratitude that I thank each reader of this book for your time, willingness, and dedication.

5. Blessed Be.

End Time: 11:09am 7:20:2020

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