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Chapter 16

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2.23.1010 4:45am Sunday

1. Being a representative of the divine is no easy feat. It takes dedication and commitment. You constantly have to remind yourself that your eyes are only showing you half the picture. They aren’t showing you a fictional narrative, only an incomplete one.

2. Just as anyone who looked at you in the past, saw only an image. This is how the world is for the vast majority of people. Disconnected images who hope to find purpose in life. By finding common ground or shared interests or experiences – a tactic that may work for a while.

3. You on the other hand were stirred to awaken from this slumber and realize the truth about yourself and everyone. You aren’t just a collection of self made ideas. You are an idea from God, as you first learned in A Course in Miracles. This idea is an extension from God of pure love, pure awareness and consciousness. This idea became your soul.

4. Human souls have had a backseat ride for the entire human experience. Although souls actually provide the energy for human life, they aren’t that involved in the day to day decision making process. This aspect was hijacked by the human operating system – its faulty design and its faulty interpretation of everything.

5. This faulty design that I speak of is something you are well aware of. It’s the “me first” syndrome. Then as humanity advanced, it became more of a negotiated deal of “how can we both get what we want?”

6. An awakened soul realizes that an “idea of God” and a separate “person” can’t both be true. An idea of God is part of God. And has had the functionality of this returned after being fully awakened or enlightened. You are not each the totality of God. But when joined with each other and with All That Is, we are. No aspect can be missing. We work until the day that all ideas of God have grown sufficiently to re-join the fold. Having tired of all of their attempts to be human without being part of the God family. An insane idea and yet this has been our reality here.

7. Show everyone in each of your communities, what it’s like to be an enlightened soul being represented by a human body. This is the new prototype. This is the enlightened self of form or the elevated self of form from A Course of Love.

8. Begin each day by simply talking to us and keeping that line of communication open through the day. We will talk to you as well. If you are staying weed or thought free, then you will be able to hear us. Who are we? We are ascended masters. We were in your shoes once. Now, we live here again, through each of you. You really aren’t an individual anymore. You are a slice of a delicious pie, part of a collective.

9. Please represent us well through your words and your behavior. There are no more days off. You now work for us 24/7 in spreading the love of God throughout the land.

End Time: 5:32am 2.23.2020