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A Journey Into the Unknown

If you are reading this note then clearly you are meant to hear about these new books of ‘A Journey into the Unknown’. Some of us discovered ‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘A Course of Love’ which helped us heal our minds and hearts, showing us the way home to our wholehearted selves. Many of us who have never even heard of these Courses, have found our own diverse ways of accomplishing the same! Now, ‘A Journey into the Unknown’ invites ALL of us to come “down from the mountain and onto level ground, the ground of the earth, the place where you are connected and interconnected to all that lives and breathes along with you.” To boldly go into the world as it is right now and through our example lives, gather up all of our sisters and brothers. Enjoy our full introduction here http://journey.cocreatingclarity.org/about.

Guidelines for Sharing

These websites are the sacred official containers for the complete original received material of the books of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’, registered with the Library of Congress’ Office of Copyright.  The material includes all Text, Audio, Images, and PDFs contained herein, and is offered to all as an invitation to live in freedom as the energy of Love in form, on this planet, now. Together, like a living breathing organism, the materials cradle you in a wholehearted mind, body, and soul experience of the messages. With all material adapted and/or shared from this website anywhere else, we ask that you please include this Copyright Notice and URL – “©2020-2021 Richard Curtis Greathouse, A Journey into the Unknown, Journey.CoCreatingClarity.org”, and that you encourage your audience to visit here. We would also love for you to share with us, all adapted forms of this material you are creating, and all the new places you are reaching. We thank you and bless you, for living deeply into and sharing the powerful message of ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’. With so much love, Rick and Christina 🌺

The Books

Book One which arrived in 2020, bridges each one’s experience from wherever we are onwards, into a new age of Freedom, Power, and Joy. Its 190 chapters challenge us to embark on this brand new Journey into the Unknown, alone together. Each one of us uniquely essential to the cocreation of a kinder, gentler, New Earth of Love, inclusive of all. For it is indeed the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as first sung of in 1967 in the musical Hair.

Book Two arriving in 2021, continues to accompany and guide us on this ongoing Journey we have chosen. It is as if the Eagle has landed. Together with Book One, this new volume serves to firmly anchor the powerful body of this Eagle within us. Chapter One distills the essence of all that was offered in Book One, into forty-five Principles. Who knows what more will arrive as we journey on into the unknown?

Books Three to Nine: Messages in Union and Relationship are arriving daily from pioneers in the unseen world – Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Germain (Joseph), Cadre of Souls, Helen (Schucman), Archangel Michael, and Bill (Thetford). It is as if the Talons of the Eagle are reaching out to us, piercing all remaining illusion in our everyday lives and choices. Addressing the turbulent times we live in. Offering encouragement from mighty companions who lovingly journey onwards with us. They surely stand by, patiently awaiting our call, sharing their wisdom and guidance whenever invited. So close that we need but pause, breathe, and listen in to the whisper of our hearts to hear them. For in truth, we but listen to the song of our own soul in seamless union and relationship with all.