Are you truly free to love, more free and loving today than yesterday?

Chapter 181

Artwork and photo credit  Sally Patton

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8:7:2020 7:20am Friday

1. Let us commune. It is a new day, filled with new potential. Let us pray. “Dear creator of the heavens, please bestow the necessary understanding so that we may reach the masses of humanity with our messages of love, and the complete freedom that love always brings.”

2. It’s been a short while since we last spoke. Disease, violence, and racial animosities rage through the land. Our work is cut out for us. This work is to teach about true identity and to encourage others to remove their energy from any and all conflict.

3. Acceptance of an individual’s true identity will accompany true power, the power of love, to move and work freely on this earth. All souls want to be free and few are. It isn’t other minds who prevent freedom as much as it is an individual’s mind’s fear. Fear of expressing truly, freely, and openly, because of what other minds may say or do about it. Conformity is the name of the game here, and conformity is nothing but uniform fear – fear in lockstep.

4. Let me ask you this question. Do you know who you are in truth, and are you truly free to love? Ask your own true self, your soul, to show your brain where its blinders and roadblocks are. Be willing to look at them honestly and let them go their own way. Be more free today than yesterday. Be more loving today than yesterday.

5. The love lifestyle takes more bravery than being a member of a totalitarian elite military force. Think about this for a while.

6. You are almost there my friends. Allow yourself to be bitten by the snake that is love.

End Time: 7:52am 8:7:2020