Are you aware of your own resistance to giving love?

Chapter 171

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1. The Akashic Records are only a single aspect of the Christ Mind. Other aspects include methodology for the delivery of gifts, storage for unopened gifts and processing for requests. The Christ Mind is the God-centered control center for a cadre of souls. It covers not only the earth but all territories where souls express in form. Some territories are considered friendlier and easier for soul development than others. The earth is one of the most difficult but not the most difficult. It scales in the bottom 25% on a scale from easiest to most difficult. 

2. All souls who plan on incarnating here know that it is not going to be an easy ride. Giving love here involves receiving a lot of resistance, not as much from others, as from your own body/mind vehicle that you are activating.

3. The earth’s beauty is a big draw as is its familiarity. Souls tend to want to come back to a canvas that they have used before, even though conditions change over time. 2020 is different than 1980 or 1900 or 1800. Where in the world a character is located and the race, education, and socio-economic conditions also play into the level of difficulty. A soul can play a character with a difficult personality, difficult conditions, difficult castmates, on one of the most difficult worlds and yet somehow, they manage to pull it off a good amount of the time.

4. Different worlds experience time in different ways. Human brains think of linear time. Things here, including bodies, age over time. Yet, in reality, there is only now. The past could be considered a collection of former nows. There is no future yet. It hasn’t been created yet. That now moment is not here yet.

5. None of us know exactly what the future now may look like, but there are probabilities that are likely possibilities.

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