Are you ready to bring truth to the inside from the inside?

Chapter 99

Photo credit Srinivas Tamada
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4.10.2020 2:23pm Friday

1. Developing a thick skin if you don’t already have one will be paramount. Detractors of every type will quote parts of the Bible, the Koran, and A Course in Miracles to tell you how wrong you are. Let them. Don’t get drawn in. You aren’t there to argue with anyone. You are, however, to be helpful to those who genuinely have questions or are asking for your insight.

2. Your peers who have read A Course of Love, will be on board with all of the clarifications and new information from this third volume. They will be ready to set sail with you.

3. Some of you may choose to do some form of public speaking. Be aware that not everyone in the physical or virtual audience will be a fan. It’s okay. It’s not their time yet. They are still caught up in the world of thoughts and ”right” interpretations.

4. There is truth in literal interpretation of A Course in Miracles, if you are on this side of the goldfish bowl looking in. If you are on the inside, this just isn’t helpful. Let’s bring the truth to the inside from the inside. From those who know what it’s like being on the inside and who are relatable to others on the inside.

End Time: 3:05pm 4.10.2020