Will you implement spirit’s plan by being, serving, or both?

Chapter 98

Fantastic Fungi, Louie Schwartzberg
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4.10.2020 7:53am Friday

1. You will be getting pushback from all directions. You will not be preaching to the choir. Some will resonate with your message and others will find it offensive. The people we send to you to friend or mentor, if you’re a specialist, may fall into this category. Those who hear about you through word of mouth, will definitely fall into this category. The category is 10-90. 10% will like your message and 90% will not. Take the rejection with a grain of salt. Wear it like a badge of honor. We can’t be suppressed again. We are too many and too strong.

2. We have a plan of action and it is up to each of you to implement it by being, by serving, or through both ways.

End Time: 8:14am 4.10.2020