Why bless everyone?

Chapter 3

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2.9.2020 11.10pm Sunday

1. The existence of evil here on earth is a concept that is hard to grasp, even for us. The things that fear causes people to do, cause fear to grow. Once it left the bottle, it permeated the landscape. It causes lives to be shortened and changed, forever altered. It affects the young and the old alike. One thing after another, day after day, year after year. The effects of fear cause even the saints to tremble, to lock their doors and watch their backs. It is your constant companion.

2. None of us anticipated just how much fear would manifest here, when we all started to venture away from home and test out the waters. You are terrified of each other’s masks, anger, and behavior.  And justifiably so. The question is how to be of service to spirit, to your soul, and to each other, despite difficult conditions.

3. You have been told in prior texts to “not see” or “deny” appearances. How do you protect yourself around the drug addled, mentally ill, potentially violent, who roam your street looking for their next fix? These questions are why so many have questioned the validity of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

4. You are not projecting guilt onto your brother when you see him act out his pain. Just know that he or she is experiencing misery from their own thoughts about themselves. Underneath, they are just like you and will have the same level of maturity of spirit one day. For now, bless everyone you see and follow your heart if you are called to do more. Deny the seemingly tragic aspects of the shadows you see. Know that the power within each of you can perform miracles. And advance your brothers and sisters with your mere presence. Don’t be afraid to go to the “bad” parts of town. This is where your blessings are most needed. You will always be protected when you do God’s work. That’s what you’re here for. There is no other reason.

5. You are each done with your selfish goals. Or you wouldn’t have awakened and read these and other spiritual books, looking for a way to be here and to be of service to the world.

6. Silently blessing everyone you see and meet, everyone you come across, is the Way of Mary that was introduced in the second volume. This is what we need all of you to do. Don’t turn your back and pretend that the need isn’t there because of Karma or because you’re not “really” seeing your brother or sister’s pain. Wake up and know that in this temporary “illusionary” place, that what your eyes and ears show you is real, and your spiritual power is needed. You are here on this earth to perform miracles through intentional blessing, through dutiful prayer. When you are led to action, whether it is a kind word or something more, you are involved in the Way of Jesus.

7. Individual acts of violence, murders, mass shootings, and terrorism are signs of the times. Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend that they aren’t happening. See these things but see through them. And know that they were allowed to happen to certain individuals directly and certain individual indirectly, for a higher purpose. But they remain tragic events with long lasting effects, even though no souls are ever lost.

8. Characters come and go here. But lessons, learned and not learned yet, make life on earth worth living. Each day is a potential day of growth. A potential garden of souls waiting to grow as strong as you. And join you one day in your ways of Mary and Jesus. Forever altering lives in the most amazing and positive manner. This is why you came here.

End Time: 12:06am 2.10.2020