Is anyone being “bad”?

Chapter 2

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2.8.2020 11:21pm Saturday

1. Beginnings are difficult and endings even more so. How do you finish a popular trilogy that has this much significance to the world? Not that most people in the world have read or even heard of these books. But these books have prepared a small group for leadership in changing the course of the world. The world, you see, is not just a projection from one wayward mind. It is much more complicated than that.

2. In the beginning, before the thought of a material world even came into being, there was an intention. The intention to create a place and to create many places and worlds where love could be experienced in a 3D manner.

3. This intent was all of ours. No one micro-droplet was being “bad”, or wanted to be “separate” for its own “evil” or selfish purposes. We were all in for the most expansive and illustrative project that had ever been conceived.

4. Imagine the excitement of creating both animal and human bodies, as well as plant forms and all types of matter. You, my dear friends were all involved in the earliest stages of the creation of Mother Earth. This of course, was way before any of us came here to experience being in form. You have actually been a plant. You have been many different animal species. You have swum in the ocean as a dolphin and flown in the sky as a bird. You have hunted, eaten, and been hunted and been eaten. This process went on so many times before we were collectively ready. To take on a project as complex and complicated as becoming humanoid figures. With their complex and individual needs and of course their equally complex operating systems (egos).

5. You have done it all my friends. You have seen life through so many lenses. You have been a mother, a father, and a wayward teen. You have crashed the family car and paid the price. You have killed and been killed, out of anger and out of circumstances that seemed out of your control. You have been the victor in a fight and the meek one in the corner. You have helped raise children, either directly or indirectly. You have been the president of a company and the janitor of one. You have been both sexes and all races, speaking every language known to mankind.

6. Each microdroplet or soul has not done all of this. But we have accomplished it collectively. Because as you know, we all swim in the same ocean. We are one being and we are one consciousness, while also being the many within the one. We are both. It is not either/or. It is literally true here. You are not having a weird type of hallucination, as some would lead you to believe.

7. My point is that some have led you astray by taking words that appear in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, out of context. The world, all worlds, are filled with meaning and great tremendous purpose and possibilities. They are not meaningless places that appear in the mind of a wayward soul who is having a bizarre hallucination, where other people come and go at your whimsy.

8. Our job collectively, and we truly are a collective energy, is to experience the world in a “real” way. By understanding our connectedness to each other and to our divinity. We are microdroplets of something. And that something is the great and mysterious Creator of it all. Who is literally in all because it cannot be any other way.

End Time: 12:08am 2.9.2020