In what proportion do you express the ego-soul equation each day?

Chapter 92

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4.7.2020 9:41am Tuesday

1. Why does the earth mean so much to us? It was originally intended to be a paradise, a place of unparalleled creativity, a playground of love. The resistance and independence (ego) was built in. What we did not anticipate was that the equation between ego and soul would be so disproportionate. It is 99% ego and 1% soul in most “young souls”. The 1% is the minimum required to activate a human body. So other than providing a life force, its influence is null and void. 99% egos are entirely in the school of hard knocks and this is how they learn to soften and listen to their inner guidance.

2. So, the equation was not at all what we anticipated from the initial creation of the plan. The resistance and independence were immensely stronger than desired. This was not due to the influence of a demonic Satanic figure. It was a glitch, a miscalculation in the design.

3. Look through ego to honor and acknowledge the soul. Suggestions to “not see” or to deny something, actually means to see through it. So that the miracle can transform what you’re seeing. Not for your behalf, because there is no “you”, but on behalf of the soul you are witnessing.

4. Our plan of strengthening souls, enough that the ego can move to the back burner, came into play; as soon as we saw that our intended paradise, was going to take much more blood, sweat and tears than the original plan allowed for.

End Time: 10:10am 4.7.2020