Can you see that everything happens for soul growth/awakening?

Chapter 93

Photo credit Sajit Greene
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4.7.2020 3:04pm Tuesday

1. Hold onto your hats. There is a storm coming. It will be of unprecedented proportions. This too will help our cause. Social disruption will cause individual and group egos to reconsider their harsh stances. It will be another hard lesson for people but it will seem far worse.

2. It will be allowed to transpire to promote soul growth and eventual awakening. It will shock you but will not directly affect you. The goal is to make the House of Truth look even more attractive. People will wonder why all of you are doing so well.

3. In other words, we will be allowing things to come into play that we have never allowed before. We will not be creating these things. Humans will create them. It’s just that we will not stop them. You would be surprised to learn about all of the things that we were able to stop; things few ever knew about. We stopped them because they did not fit into our plan at the time.

4. The phrase “everything happens for a reason” means that God either allows or does not allow human creation, for higher purpose, which is soul growth. This phrase does not mean that God causes bad or destructive things to happen. Human resistance to God is always responsible for that.

End Time: 3:34pm 4.7.2020