Is your only purpose being and doing in the ways of Mary and Jesus?

Chapter 34

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3.12.2020 3:22am Thursday

1. To make a long story short, humanity just hasn’t had any real purpose other than being the top of the food chain. Religions made a vague attempt at instilling purpose by instructing its followers to “be good” so that they can be rewarded in heaven. Although self control is not really a purpose in and of itself, it did succeed in firmly establishing fear as the root of everything here. The fear of eternal damnation is very powerful and is alive and well.

2. People give themselves purpose with goals of every type. Some are noble and worthwhile. Being educated and able to earn a living is important. And can be a great thing for an individual and for society as a whole. Even this, however, can lead to questioning and feelings of “I worked so hard for what?” Emptiness waits at the end of every path taken. “What if?” waits at the end of every path not chosen.

3. The human life of self-given purpose is exciting at first and then ultimately empty. The divine Christ driven life is full of purpose. Purpose in being and doing, the ways of Mary and Jesus. They are cooperative and not competitive. They are always helpful and kind. They are non-materialistic. They don’t seek to impress. They are grateful for the opportunity to serve in all things great and small.

4. Does this describe you? If so, welcome to paradise. Welcome to the Kingdom of God. This is the promised land, no more and no less.

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