Will you rise to the urgency of these times?

Chapter 51

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3.22.2020 7:56pm Sunday

1. There is an urgency to these times. Everything hangs in the balance. There is no guarantee that our plan will work. As I have alluded to, there is a great resistance to love on the earth. It is very powerful and involves both the common man and unseen spiritual forces.

2. There are those who have left their humanity and re-joined us in the formless realm. When they died, they brought their pain and bitterness with them. They still had free choice and resisted all attempts to help them. The offer is still on the table of course, but their numbers have increased considerably. They are not in the higher realms by their own choosing. They stay close to the earth and negatively influence those who are susceptible. They have organized and want the earth as their own playground. If these unseen beings can be described in one word, it would be “ego”.

3. The human ego or natural operating system dies with the body, but some spirits re-create a new one once in the spirit world. These are collections of ideas around who they still believe themselves to be. They are powerless in the spirit world but they do seek hosts in the material worlds.

4. They do have influence over the affairs of certain individuals and even governments. They take pleasure in the destructive and loveless aspects of the human experience. They have been allowed to reincarnate time and again with broken promises to improve and the same disastrous results.

5. These beings are still able to influence the earth’s inhabitants but they will not be allowed to reincarnate here again. They will have to develop in very harsh places, where the energy is as difficult as they have been. The earth itself will only support higher level spirit beings. Besides our work with you, this is another aspect of the reclaiming of the earth and the sorting of souls that is going on.

End Time: 8:13 3.22.2020