Do you see everyone as an expression of Love?

Chapter 9

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2.16.2020 4:27am Sunday

1. The trick to sustained Christ Consciousness is knowing when you have reached the tipping point and this is all you know. You see Christ as a developmental and developing entity in everyone. And you are aware of the built in resistance (ego). This is what produces fear and manifests in unpleasant and sometimes terrifying ways. But it also strengthens spirit and causes it to grow. You are aware of the duality in humans. You also see that creation is often times messy. But there is really only one thing going on, which is the growth of the soul. It is the painful and miserable events in life that reap the greatest rewards. So, don’t get caught up in what you see on the news. Just know that the involved souls needed the lessons to be delivered to them in harsh envelopes, as each of you have experienced many times in previous lives or incarnations.

2. There really isn’t any “good” and “evil” and there really isn’t duality. There is love and there is push back. The push back is not evil, although it produces unwanted, unwelcome, and evil appearing side effects. That’s what they are and that’s all they are. The effects of resistance to love don’t really have any power, although it sometimes seems like they do. They are not inspired by an enemy of God, as God has no enemies. The human ego, or operating system, is fully capable by design, to resist love and create horror. But again, everything that egos create is temporary. The lessons that arrive on the doorsteps of those who lie, steal, harm, and even kill, negates or erases the Karma eventually. There are debts owed here and they will be paid back one way or another. Life can be trusted in this way.

3. Your job is to keep all of this in mind, but look through what your eyes and ears show you. And do your work of watering the souls of your brothers and sisters. There are many blessings that are very appropriate here. “May the love of our Father/Mother embrace you” is one. “I know you as an expression of love” is another. The words do not matter as much as the intent and sometimes the proximity.

4. Just like how you experience summer when your part of the world is closest to the sun, some individuals need a heavy dose of your presence more than others. Some things need a 450° oven, while others are fine at 325°. There really is a science behind what we do.

End Time: 5:08am 2.16.2020