How do we combat Ideology?

Chapter 10

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2.17.2020 4:35am Monday

1. Imaginations of the collective are the most difficult types of fear to shine light on. When half of the world believes that the other half is evil and should be punished by the god of their imaginings, then you have a recipe for disaster. This has always happened here but not to this degree and not in such a widespread manner. There are leaders who have taken advantage of the collective fear of the other and harnessed it for their own selfish motives. None of this is love because love never needs to be protected. It only seeks to extend itself.

2. Ideology is an oftentimes confusing, jumbled up collection of thoughts about how things should be, and who is to blame for why they aren’t. It is the cement that holds the illusion together. How are we to combat this? Simply put, it makes things harder. But we still operate in the same manner, blessing all of those who are in its grip. What we teach is freedom from what so many have latched onto. People will find you attractive and frightening at the same time. Stay out of the conflict but light the path to the exits.

3. Some of the most fearful ideology is generational. The old being replaced by the young is nature’s remedy for extreme viewpoint melting. Until then, observe the incredible strength of egoic thought, and know that it does not represent the true power of the universe. It is illusion. It is what we seek to transform so that we can reclaim the earth as a 3D extension of our true nature.

4. Again, many feel threatened by us and what we represent. Freedom is very frightening for those who want to be told what to do and what not to do. By people who are actually taking advantage of them, exploiting their fears for their own personal gain.

5. We, on the other hand, are leader free. We come from the widest backgrounds imaginable and show that the old concepts of leader and follower no long apply. We each walk with one foot in this world and one foot in the spiritual realm. As expressions of He/She who sent us here to do their work. We each complement each other. There is no competition here. We do not see one another as “others”. We are united in oneness because we each know the truth of who we are.

6. We are no longer characters defined by “good” things that happened in the past, “bad” things, things we like and things we don’t, roles we play, aspirations we have for the future … None of this matters any longer. “I” don’t really exist because “I AM” is my true identity, as it is yours. It is a shared identity with trillions of different aspects, different manifestations. Some of us may have green hair, some have beards and wear high heels, but underneath we are the same. We are God, who has been here all along, hiding in plain sight. This is what we teach.

End Time: 5:25am 2.17.2020