Are you doing what feels right in this moment?

Chapter 8

2.15.2020 5:06am Saturday

1. The importance of today’s message is for each of you to take a pro-active stance that is protective of those around you. There cannot be a mass shooting and loss of life, with all of the misery that this entails, if a Christed daughter or son is in that place. It’s much easier for everyone involved if we can prevent as much destruction as possible. Love always supports the weak and vulnerable.

2. Love your neighbors as yourself because they literally are part of the One Self, here to grow and develop into full bodied souls just like you. We want to eventually eliminate all tragic things that take lives away and stop soul growth in that particular mind-body vehicle. Miracles save time, remember? You are each a miracle and we seek to add to your numbers by leaps and bounds. The more of you that there are, the greater our influence will be, and the more powerful we will become. This is when we will see the greatest amount of positive change on the earth.

3. Having Christed souls from all walks of life is a crucial part of the plan. People from all religions and from no religion. People who look every conceivable way can all demonstrate what unconditional love and union with God or divine energy looks like. We want to be relatable to all, not a body of clones. Creative souls aren’t conformist in nature. We question that mindset of the status quo. And challenge it by expressing ourselves how we choose to do so. We do what feels right in that moment, without concern for what this person or that group may think about it. We are each one free, free as a butterfly. Free from any and all attempts of mind control, which is fear based and is therefore ego orientated.

4. Our Christ energy was maintained for a long while before it became sustained as a new way of life. We go where this energy takes us and do what it offers us. The energy of the 1960’s is all we know.

End Time: 5:41 am 2.15.2020