Are you being patient with yourself?

Chapter 89

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4.5.2020 8:12pm Sunday

1. It is important that you maintain contact with us throughout your oftentimes busy days. We will always clue you in on who to focus a blessing on. As I have spoken of before, proximity is an important factor in some cases. In others, less so.

2. Before going anywhere, make sure that you’re clear and that your connection to us is fully charged. Your brain is being re-wired to do two things at once; pick out groceries and be a conduit for blessing those around you. This will take time. Be patient with yourselves.

3. Blessing your sisters and brothers is the only reason you each are still here. If your awakening had happened during any other time period in human history, you would have left your earthly experience behind soon thereafter. Its purpose for you would have been met.

4. Now, there is new purpose in being on the earth. The second coming is here and it is bigger than the first. We need each of you to do your part. I cannot save your sisters and brothers. I need you to help me teach them how to save themselves from themselves.

End Time: 8:35pm 4.5.2020

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