Are you aware that your blessings are miracles?

Chapter 88

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4.5.2020 3:40pm Sunday

1. All healing concerns the mind. When the mind and its natural operating system resist the soul, fear is resisting love. The results are always disease and unwanted external guests. When the mind blames itself for the unwanted results, disease results. The mind is that powerful. Science is just beginning to discover the power of the human mind.

2. Your role as a friend to those we send to you is to perform miracles and heal the friction between the external and the internal. This speeds up time considerably, as you all know from A Course in Miracles. The less resistance there is, the fewer unpleasant results there will be. This leads to a quicker route to Christ Consciousness, which basically is the absence of friction. There is less and less friction because there is less and less sandpaper, which is the “me, myself and I”.

3. Your blessings are miracles. If there is any type of opening at all, healing will occur. There are cracks in the foundations of the most hardened humans, so please refrain from judging appearances.

4. You are rich in the power of God. You have trillions of dollars in miracles and these will never be depleted. They are increased as soon as you use them.

5. Perform miracles on everyone’s behalf; strangers, friends, and those you will mentor. This is the glue that unites all of our ministries; the power of God.

End Time: 4:05pm 4.5.2020