Are you willing to share familiar resources and some new ones?

Chapter 87

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4.5.2020 9:42am Sunday

1. Keep notes on who you meet and when. Keep a calendar for follow-ups. If someone can’t be contacted or hasn’t been heard from in a while, trust that no one is lost to us. We will keep track of their progress on our end.

2. If you have the funding to add additional titles and copies of your old favorites to your personal library, please do so. Besides Gina Lake books, another very powerful series of trilogies were channeled through the mind/body vehicle of Paul Selig. These started with the “I Am Word” book. These are especially good for those who don’t have a religious background and are interested in the concept of energy. The main idea is the same as ours; blessing others indiscriminately. Your ascended master counterparts in the spirit realm channeled these books and took on this project. They introduced themselves as “guides” to their readers.

3. St. Germain has also channeled some wonderful writing. They are brief and extremely powerful. I channeled a series of books called Personal Christ. They are out of print now but are treasured by many. From the Christ Mind and The Way of Mastery are also titles that you would do well to become familiar with if you have not already done so.

4. These resources are all supplemental to this trilogy. They feature a very soft and down to earth approach. Audio books are a good alternative as are video presentations, for those who aren’t especially fond of reading.

5. There are rare individuals who have never heard of these books and who will never read them. These people wake up through life circumstances and will not need your assistance.

End Time: 10:15am 4.5.2020