Do you support each other, sharing difficulties and breakthroughs?

Chapter 86

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4.4.2020 3:34pm Saturday

1. Many of the saints may want to stay connected to their mentors and sharing groups. Instead of having learning be the focus, move to sharing about what each saint is doing as part of their ministry. Share difficulties and breakthroughs. Support one another. Some members may want to strike out on their own, but others may want to keep a lifeline to their old companions.

2. Your ultimate goal is to contribute to the beginning of Christ Consciousness maintenance in a new initiate. After maintenance is stable, your work is done with that sister or brother. Maintenance may take many years. They will be reassigned to a maintenance specialist during this time. This is a task that some of you may enjoy and that you may specialize in.

3. Maintenance leads to sustenance. Sustenance takes us full circle and onto wave three. This will go on and on for hundreds of years. Our hope is that complete waves will take less and less time as we progress. Children being born now and in the near future are going to be much more open to being egoless than previous generations. Developmentally, as a whole these children will be ready to make a switch at a young age. They will be born to parents who practice our craft.

4. “Children are our future” is a true statement.

End Time: 4:00pm 4.4.2020