Are you lit up alert for sisters and brothers sent your way?

Chapter 20

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2.27.2020 3:04am Thursday

1. Stay clear. Stay in continuous contact with us as you do your daily work. If you know other light workers or saints, support them in their activities and they will support you in yours. Some of you are more socially isolated from each other and this is strategic. We need everyone involved to be at their highest level and to give their best.

2. The pioneers of Christ Consciousness now form a blanket or network that functions as a support network for those souls who are lost in the illusion. So no more going back and forth. Stay awake everyone!

3. I am the captain of this ship, the House of Truth. You are each crew members. When people in your circle of influence start to question their reality, the human reality, this is where you can gently start to share. It wasn’t too long ago that you were in their shoes. You may just provide resources or refer them to another saint who may be a better match, but don’t drop the ball.

4. As mentioned in A Course of Love, some people will seek out others with seemingly similar characteristics or backgrounds. While others will be attracted to you because you seem to be so different from them. Just stay lit up with the light and we will send people towards you.

5. There isn’t a church building for the truth because each of you have become the church. Meet seekers for coffee or host a small group in your living room. Read parts of this trilogy out loud and share your enthusiasm for the truth. Share parts of other spiritual books and series that have moved you. If you have been meeting with other saints, meet less often and focus on sharing with new brothers and sisters in Christ. When they are strong enough, they will break away and do the same thing.

6. Do not set yourself up as a guru or leader. The focus should always be on the new initiates. Gurus or leaders are largely human concepts, remember?

End Time: 3:44am 2.27.2020