Are you willing to be a friend in truth unlike any other?

Chapter 85

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4.4.3030 10:43am Saturday

1. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” is a saying from one of your public awareness TV commercials. We would say that most people are already drunk, without a drop of alcohol added to the mix. Their perceptions give them a wobbly view of everything.

2. Having a special friend unlike any other, who can provide the perspective of truth, delivered in a person to person manner, will be crucial to our movement. To those we send your way, the books we delivered to you will appear in the form of a person. A friend with no agenda to push and nothing to sell.

3. You are each A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. What do you talk about to new friends? The importance of forgiveness, the importance of letting go of the past and the importance of being present in the moment are excellent starting points.

4. The nature of God, a person’s true identity, the concept of death and the yin/yang of the physical world vs. the nonphysical world are meatier topics, best saved for those you will be mentoring.

5. Mentoring would definitely involve the sharing of physical and online resources. You can offer group resources and see if that seems like an attractive option. Some may prefer to be a solo practitioner and that is absolutely fine as well. Free or as close to free as possible is an important thing to consider when considering resources. Perhaps someone can borrow your copies of books until they are able to obtain their own. Many have become attached to these books and understandably treat them as cherished treasure.

6. Be flexible and please see that people have access to what they are demonstrating and saying they need. The many books I channeled through Gina Lake are excellent starting points and supplements.

End Time: 11:13am 4.4.2020