Are you sharing what you have?

Chapter 15

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2.22.2020 3:39am Saturday

1. The passing of the guard is a concept we wish to return to as today’s topic. The concept of Christ has grown from a singular entity, Jesus, to a multi-dimensional entity. All of the many on the earth now, who are practicing Christ Consciousness in their own unique ways and visions

2. They can’t put all of you in jail and torture you like they did to me! We are stronger and more clandestine. The world can tolerate us now, largely because they aren’t sure about what we are exactly. We aren’t that different from them. Except perhaps in our attitudes about things. Maybe we are thought of as kind and generous people.

3. Make yourselves available to those who seek you out. Share the truth, which is the truth about the identity crisis here. Provide resources if asked to do so. Share channeled writings or web based content that is meaningful to you and has helped you to blossom. Share writers who teach about the truth. In other words, plant seeds. Each seed that you plant will take on a life of its own.

4. We don’t concern ourselves with someone’s spiritual journey itself. We are not in charge of the atonement and awakening process. We are the farmers who plant and nourish seeds.

5. Discussion groups work for those who are more socially oriented. Some souls, however, do better in a one on one sharing encounter.

6. Do you have the first two volumes of this trilogy as well as other spiritual books, sitting on a shelf or in a box somewhere? Give them away or at least allow them to be borrowed. They can’t work their magic unless they are opened by a curious and willing reader.

7. Teach the concept of sharing. Not only information can be shared, but everything can be. We are just visitors here and own nothing. That dollar in your wallet isn’t really yours. If it is just sitting there and you have no real need for it, then share it! That’s what it is truly for!

End Time: 4:15am 2.22.2020

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