Is your light and warmth available to all?

Chapter 12

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2.19.2020 3:29am Wednesday

1. Knowing who you are and knowing who you aren’t is pivotal here. You aren’t the same person you used to think of yourself as. Other people may still see you that way but the former owner has left the property, although your belongings remain. You still have a name that you respond to. You still have worldly responsibilities and old relationships, although many of those have transformed from special relationships to holy relationships, at least on your part. You can’t truly have a holy relationship with an unconscious or uninitiated person.

2. You are now in relationship with everyone and everything. Can the sun deny light and warmth to those it deems are unworthy? No, it is available to all, as is your light and warmth. You no longer need to be validated by human relationships. There is nothing they can provide because you have it all. You are not in need of anything a human could provide. You already have it all. Your energy and enthusiasm for life flows from the unity you have with your Source. This is the Divine Self, not the small self in isolation.

3. This is what you model to those in separation. That there is another way to live here, that something else is here. That humans have an identity crisis that you have once shared, but allowed to heal with just a little willingness on your part. You are each at one with your creator, who doesn’t live up in the sky somewhere. He/She lives inside each of you and now lives as you. The old “you” of ideas has been cast aside.

4. This is the dawn of sustained Christ Consciousness on the earth. In the Bible, it says that God had one son. It can also be said that God has one Sun. You are each mighty and powerful rays of that Sun. Nothing can stop us now. We are each transforming the landscape.

End Time: 4:01am 2.18.2020