Are you ready to reach out, listen, share, and bless?

Chapter 84

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4.3.2020 8:48pm Friday

1. The delicate handling of the seen and the unseen is what we are striving for. We need master tailors to sew the two complicated pieces together. We have stitched your soul to your form. You are a prototype. Now, we need the prototypes to go into mass production and assist us by being in charge of your own factories. You would be surprised to discover how much energy has gone into each of your awakenings from our end. Now we want you to return the favor.

2. Take charge of your factory. With the resources of angels and a co-vice president in spirit, assume that everyone that you speak to directly, indirectly on social media or just see and don’t interact with, to have been sent to you. Have business cards made up (without the business) that have your contact information. Pass these out and ask someone to be your friend.

3. Whether it’s on social media or by phone or in person, simply be a friend. Be a good listener. Share resources if asked. Bless your new friend. They will never forget you. You will become a mentor to some of your new friends and a rung on the ladder to others, who will receive a mentor later on.

4. What I’m describing is definitely a Way of Jesus. Those following the Way of Mary may not be as comfortable with such extroverted ways. They are needed to silently bless everyone and hold the divine energy. They can move mountains with their more subtle energy.

5. There is room for everyone in Christ Consciousness. We are the most inclusive body on the face of the earth.

End Time: 9:19pm 4.3.2020