Are you prepared to face pushback and/or feel unwelcome?

Chapter 82

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4.3.2020 10:50am Friday

1. There isn’t much joy in the egoic life. It is desperately sought after but never really found, except for fleeting moments here and there. It is concerned with its survival first and foremost. When you meet or hear about a selfless act or a selfless individual, you can know that their soul is emerging and is getting stronger by the day.

2. Like attracts like. Emerging souls will gravitate towards you whereas people with a large egoic presence will be repelled. They will truly be frightened of you and will not be able to explain why. Expect this and don’t let it bother you in the slightest. Remember that the “person” who would have been hurt and insulted does not exist anymore, not even in your own mind. Your body has a name and you have a past that you can reference when and if you want to; if doing so will serve spirit and the mission we have been assigned by the Most High.

3. On a deep level, your work will be something that can be done with ease and joy. On the surface level, expect push back. I wish I could tell you that living in the House of Truth, as Christ, will be like walking barefoot in a field of lilies and daisies. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

4. Your individual lives will mirror mine, not that you will be nailed to a cross and tortured. But you will definitely feel unwelcome and may experience some harsh conditions. The world wants all souls to stay inside a thick cocoon and never emerge from it. This amount of resistance is something that was not anticipated in the original plan. Our work now is crucial but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

5. We aren’t fighting anyone or anything, but we will be perceived by many as an army (of souls). We won’t threaten them in the least and yet they may beg to differ.

6. The work ahead of us will not be easy. Thank you for your willingness to be a major player in this great plan.

End Time: 11:25am 4.3.2020