Do you listen for specific instructions in the moment?

Chapter 26

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3.4.2020 2:51am Wednesday

1. Specific instructions on what exactly to do in each situation you encounter, will be provided to you at the moment they are needed. The intent is always to bless, to enhance divine qualities that are always there, despite appearances. This is what we need each of you to do. This is the divine, creative act. How you exactly accomplish this is through your individuated form, your individual gifts and contribution to the whole.

2. We become a machine. Complex and united. Where will we be in five years? The House of Truth will be stronger and more tightly knit together. The House of Illusion will still be as attractive to humans as ever, but there will be a very powerful alternative in place.

3. The House of Truth is still in its infancy. There have been mighty roadblocks to its construction here. Misunderstandings about the basic concepts are to blame.

End Time: 3:23 3.4.2020