Do you feel free to ask for more than just bread?

Chapter 81

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4.2.2020 8:28pm Thursday

1. Give us this day our daily bread” is part of a prayer in the Bible. This minimal amount of support asked for can be surpassed, however. Abundance means having plenty, with enough to share. Abundance also means the sky’s the limit concerning the type of support requested. It doesn’t have to be just bread or food. You don’t have to live under a freeway. This lifestyle isn’t about taking a vow of poverty. Having quality things, having “nice” things to use in your ministry counts as abundance.

2. You are each the salt of the earth. You are humble and don’t ask for much. Many of you have very little materialistically, by choice. This is applauded. Just know that as long as you can tie a request to your ministry and that it’s something that will support our message of love then it will be granted. All things are to be shared. This is another aspect to consider. Can I share this object? Can I share this financial support? What exactly do I plan on doing with this thing that I need?

3. I have said in this text to not ask others for money but I did not say not to ask us for money. If it is truly needed, we will do our part to help you to procure it.

4. Again, you are each doing the heavy lifting. We are your support system. Feel free to ask for more than just bread.

End Time: 9:24pm 4.2.2020