Do you care for your needs and share some of what’s left?

Chapter 44

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3.19.2020 2:07pm Thursday

1. Instantaneous blessings await those who come within your sphere of influence, which is greater than many of you may realize. The downtrodden may need immediate help with their physical and practical needs. Do you have time to volunteer? Do you have extra funds that you can put to good use in ways you feel comfortable with? There may be people you know personally who need grocery money or rent money. Handing out cash on the street may not be a wise solution but let your heart be your guide.

2. Take care of your needs first and share some of what is left over. Don’t empty your bank accounts. The biblical principle of tithing or giving 10% is very appropriate in these times, as it was when the Bible was first written.

3. Instead of giving to a church, give directly to those in need or to organizations that do so.

End Time: 2:25pm 3.19.2020