How will you share your inheritance of love today?

Chapter 47

Photo credit Glenn Hovemann
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3.21.2020 9:35am Saturday

1. Today let’s focus on the subject of inheritance. I have left my legacy to each of you. Now it’s your turn to make your mark on the world, not to glorify your personhood but to exalt that from which you came. By perfectly reflecting it in all things, by being it, or rather allowing it to be you.

2. This is what a mature soul does. This is how it operates in the world. It truly functions as a presence of God. Where you go, so goes God energy. Mature God energy is literally everywhere a mature soul or saint is, whether they have a mind/body vehicle or are untethered.

3. What is your soul inspiring your mind/body vehicle to do today? How will you share your inheritance? Love must be shared.

End Time: 9:53 3.21.2020