Are you loosening your attachment to being right?

Chapter 79

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4.2.2020 10:20am Thursday

1. Holy relationship is entirely serving in nature. The same cannot be said of human relationships. Unity is to be in holy relationship to God and to the God in everything. It’s an entirely different kind of relationship. This will be a new and difficult transition for the next waves, as it was for each of you.

2. Humans are largely reactive. Someone says something to you. You respond by agreeing and elaborating from your own experience or by disagreeing. Human relationships are built on “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Family relationships are often built around the idea of “we’re stuck with each other: we might as well make the best of it”. Being right, holding grudges and attacking each other’s character flaws are woven into human relationships.

3. When people find out about their true identity, who and what they really are, they start to loosen their attachments to their old ideas about their identity. This can be a lengthy process, as each of you can attest to.

4. Another person is not really another person. They are another soul experiencing different and similar things. On a deeper level, there really aren’t “other” souls. We are one united Soul. We are God expressing differentiation within the concept of individuality.

End Time: 10:48am 4.2.2020

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