Do you observe and bless all?

Chapter 13

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2.20.2020 2:59am Thursday

1. The time has come for a new approach to living here, one that is radically different, one in which the old “you” isn’t here at all. In its place is the divine You, a representation of the One Self, a Self where a fully mature soul is in a leadership role. This is the elevated self of form that was taught in A Course of Love.

2. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen because mature souls don’t react like egos do. They see everything with a clear lens. The day to day drama doesn’t bother them in the slightest. They model peace in the midst of human drama, without being a part of it, without allowing thoughts and behavior to affect them.

3. You are non-reactive now. You observe and bless instead of react and enhance the situation by making it bigger. You see, on earth, problems and situations of all types tend to get bigger. Because of all of the reactivity, the negative energy that keeps getting piled on top of what was already there. This stops with you. Saints don’t judge things as “good” or “bad” any longer. They see products of love and products of fear. The latter is blessed and brought into alignment. We don’t fix anything, generally speaking. We just stop more negative energy – judgment – from attaching itself to the situation causing it to grow and worsen. Then, we perform miracles to help acceptance grow. And to help other souls discover new ways to prevent these words and behavior from doing harm in the future.

4. Sounds easy, right? Well, it gets easy with practice. It becomes more natural the more you practice it. Non-reacting is the answer to so many human problems. Reducing negative energy, by replacing it with loving acceptance, is key to changing things on this planet.

End Time: 3:32am 2.20.2020