What do you teach by example?

Chapter 4

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2.11.2020 2:39am Tuesday

1. The wind brings great change on a daily basis to some of you. And for others, you fend it off, keeping some semblance of order in your lives for years and decades at a time. This is comfortable for some, seemingly secure.

2. Now, I wish to convey to you that there is great change in the air and this directly involves you, those living within the House of Truth. The old structures within the House of Illusion are falling by the wayside and there is great worry and trepidation. There is a wave of control and fear of others, like the world has not seen in quite some time.

3. This is where we come in. This is our long awaited moment, our chance to shine in the sun and teach others through example. Even through turmoil we teach security. We teach the truth of knowing who we really are. And holding that knowledge for those caught up in appearances, caught up in the ways of the world.

4. We are each aspects of God, thoughts of God, eternal and immortal. We walk lightly here, looking for opportunities to shine, to be, to be of service. We teach one person at a time and when they are ready, they take the helm. It’s a wave of succession. You are each a Christ in your own community.

5. What do you teach? Calmness in the face of uncertainty. Certainty in purpose. We are vehicles of service to the divine in all and nothing other than that. We have shed our complex and everchanging set of identities for the truth. We are each beams of light, walking around and lighting the path for those in darkness. You may have a name and a past and yet none of it matters anymore. It was all part of the shell, the encasement. It’s gone now and was never really here to begin with. It served the separate will, which is gone by the wayside. Our will now is to serve with distinction. To demonstrate unconditional love in our own unique ways. We are the arms and feet and mouths of the Divine Spirit. We left separation and have re-joined the fold, while still here.  Not an easy feat, and one that has taken millions of years in the earth school to accomplish.

6. We left lessons and learning for knowing and being. We left identity and history for eternal glory that was right here all along.

End Time: 3:19am 2.11.2020